How to play specific track or playlist from Sonos

Not new to Smarthings but trying to use more automations now.

How do I play a specific track or playlist from Sonos?

Any solutions other than Logitech harmony?

Take a look at this post in the SharpTools community to get the general idea. You can do this without using SharpTools as a dashboard, you just need the rule to fire, or use the logic in the rule to adapt accordingly. This will definitely work to play a playlist . . can’t remember if it will work for a single track.

You can run SharpTools with a small dashboard on your phone just for music. It works flawlessly!


Do I have to use web core for Smarthings Rules? I want to do it from a scene controller…do not want an additional device.

I don’t think you can do it natively in ST, but you can use the SharpTools Rule Engine if you don’t want to use webCore.