How to not unlock by accident?

I upgraded to the new App and I am rather disappointed that it is still so easy to unlock a lock by a simple touch. This has been an issue for me because locking takes more force and sometimes it would fail. Is there a way either:

  1. have a confirmation pop-up that I need to unlock;
  2. or, hide the lock/unlock button from dashboard and only show the status of the lock?

It depends on what you’re trying to do. If you want to protect the unlock feature from, say, kids, probably the easiest way would be to use a dashboard instead of The official app, not include the actual lock on that dashboard, and instead include a virtual device which shows the status of the lock but cannot actuate the lock. There isn’t any way to do this in the official app, But the third-party project almost always have this feature.

There are lots of dashboard options available, some that are paid apps from third parties and some free projects. People most commonly use them on tablets on the wall, but some people do use them for kids or guests And have them run in a browser on the phone.

See the following discussion thread for the most popular dashboard options. (One note… You will see some posts there from @tgauchat , Who sadly passed away in December 2019. If you have any questions about the product he worked with, actiontiles, you can still post them in that thread but just make sure you tag @625alex To get a response.)

Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2019)

If you are concerned because you yourself have this issue when using the official app, that’s trickier. You can re-order the devices and move the locks near the end so you are less likely to hit them by accident, but that’s about it.


Thanks. Ever since I have Smart locks, accidental unlocking is a concern for me. Sometimes “fat finger” happens when checking the status of the lock. It is super annoying when I am across town and accidentally unlocked my front door and unable to relock because it is stuck. Or worse, unlocking the door without knowing.

Like you said, I am moving the locks to “Garage” so it appear lower on the page.

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In the new app, you are able to rearrange the rooms on the screen and also the devices within the room. Click on More (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose edit to move the rooms. Click save when done. To move devices within a room, press on the device until the edit window pops up and at that poinT you can drag it to where you want it,

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One other failsafe option is to automatically relock the lock after it is opened. Some smart locks offer this feature built in, we use it at my house. But you can also use a smartthings automation for this and combine it with various other options like you being away from home. It won’t work for every household, but it will work for some. :sunglasses:

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Oh I forgot, you can also hide devices on the dashboard of the new app.


To follow up on what JD said, here an app that’s pretty comprehensive for managing locks and users. One option is to have it relock a door after a period of time (you can even include a door sensor optionally so it won’t relock an open door). As an example you can set it to automatically relock doors only if the hub is in a specific mode, say night. So at night if you accidentally unlocked the door, it’ll relock itself after X minutes (one of over a 100 features in this app).


I have used the SmartLock for 2 months. It meets most of my needs, it shows an overall status of Locked/Unlocked of all my locks and I can hide the individual locks from my device page so I will not unlock them by accident.

However, I noticed a few annoyance. It keeps sending me notification whenever someone unlock my door. I can’t seem to turn the notification off. Any ideas?

There’s no way to turn off notifications in smart locks. You can check out the LUM app above which allows you to control notifications for each user and also customize them amongst other things like taking actions when a specific user unlocks (or locks) the door.

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