How to manage rental properties on same account while preventing access to other locations?

I have a main home and a rental property. The rental has Kasa, Alexa, Ring alarm. There is smart lighting, smarts locks, Echos, FireTVs.

I don’t want to use a completely separate Alexa account for this property but I can’t figure out a way to secure the properties from controlling each other, I need the properties to function independently under the same email.

Any ideas?

Alexa doesn’t separate locations.

If you want separate locations you will need separate accounts.

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Might want to remove your email address as well from below your forum name


Is there no roadmap for this? It seems like a basic ask to isolate two separate properties. I am surprised this is not possible.

Take it up with Amazon. It has nothing to do with ST.

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As @Paul_Oliver said, it’s an Amazon restriction, you’d have to talk to them. But they mostly seem concerned about limiting account sharing, so people have been requesting this for years and it’s still not possible.

It does actually allow you to separate them. I actually have two ‘locations’ in Alexa on the email, but it’s nothing more than a grouping and separate geolocation. Commands work at both places against the other which is the issue.

Yes Alexa has locations, but you can only assign Echo devices to a location.

You can not assign locations to light, plugs, switches, etc.

And anyone can access all your locations if you give they access to your account. So it doesn’t serve any real purpose.

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The primary purpose is to localize weather, traffic, and a few other features to that specific Alexa-enabled device. So you could get different traffic at the office than at home.

I don’t think a lot of people use it, but that’s why it’s there.

It is definitely used by skills authors for things like “get me a taxi“ or “pizza delivery,“ which again might be different for different places.

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This is the Samsung SmartThings forum and, being that Alexa is an Amazon product, this would be the incorrect forum for this question. The two are unrelated aside from Alexa being able to voice control SmartThings via a skill.

The solution is simple though. Create a separate email for the rental. What would the downside be?

The usual downside expressed in the Amazon forums is that then you then have to pay for Prime for each location. (Which is probably exactly what Amazon wants.)

If it’s just one extra location that may not be a big deal, but at $139/year for something not required by other platforms, it’s annoying. :rage:

BTW, the Google home app does let you set up multiple homes—but then applies some voice commands to devices in all locations, so that’s no help.

How to Setup Multiple Houses in Google Home? (Answered) - DIY Smart Home Hub

Apple used to have a related problem although not with too much voice control but rather too little. From time to time a HomeKit hub would show up in multiple locations owned by the same ID, which could make voice commands unusable if the two homes were on different WiFi networks. This was reportedly fixed just last month, but it’s early days yet when tracking a problem that only occurs occasionally. :thinking:

I’ve asked in both forums since I figured ST users would be doing more advanced things.

The main downside for me is I have to manage separate accounts for every location. With Ring I only need one login for all properties. If it’s separate I also can’t run any automations across all properties. To do anything, I’ll have to logout, login repeat. I won’t be able to see anything at a glance.

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What would you need Prime for? Alexa is a free service unrelated to Prime. There are no fees for Alexa.

True. The main things you’d get with prime are more music and messaging.

For the first few years, you couldn’t get any music without prime, and it appears that was an issue for some rental owners, who would get complaints from visitors. That seems to be a source of quite a few of the complaints in the Amazon forums.

But it looks like they added more non prime music options about two years ago, so that’s no longer an issue.

Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t up-to-date on that one. :sunglasses:

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