How to make the my alarm duration longer? (GoControl Siren)

My GoControl Siren is recognized as a light. Everything works fine except after motion is detected the Alarm only sounds for 30 seconds or so. Any way to make it longer?

Thanks for any help.

That’s the default setting for that siren. There are a few other options listed in the user manual:

By default the auto stop time is 30 seconds. Setting parameter 1 to 1 will increase the time to 60 seconds. Changing it to 2 will increase the stop time to 120 seconds. Setting the stop time to 3 will turn off the auto stop and will require a command from the Controller to turn the siren/strobe off.

I am tired today, but other people can help you with how to set the parameters.

If you want to use option three and have it go for a custom length of time you can use power allowance in smartlights to have it turn itself off after three minutes, for example.

However, be aware that the decibel level on the siren is such that it can damage hearing if allowed to continue for too long. Sometimes people say I don’t care about a burglar, but there is also the issue of first responders or neighbors trying to help. And your local code may limit interior sirens for that reason.

So if you really want a siren that continues for longer than about two minutes you might need to look at a different device that cycles itself. But you can definitely use the parameters on the go control and set it for one minute or two minutes if that works for you. :sunglasses:

Thanks. I’ll need to learn how to set parameters. I’ll start searching.

Just realized you won’t need the tweaker. Use the following device type handler, it exposes the parameters. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you’re going to copy the authors code and paste it into your account. Here’s the FAQ for that process:

Awesome! Thanks… I have also found a bunch of other stuff you have written I’m studying ATM.

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so I read the PDF, it says to change the parameters in the configuration. But does say how???