How to Limit Automations to Once-Per-Period-Of-Time? (when the start-time for the period is dynamic; i.e. based on an event)

trigger: switch turns on (or whatever; doesn’t matter)
action: do something (doesn’t matter what)
limit: only once per 15 minutes
i.e. If the trigger happens multiple times within the initial 15 minute period since the first one, ignore it, and don’t react again until it happens again AFTER that 15 minute period.

I asked a similar question here and somebody else asked it here, but I’m not sure how to use this approach for what I’m trying to do this time.

I know how to create rules to limit something to ‘Only Once Per Day’ thing, and ‘Only Once Per Hour’ (and/or any other period of time) by using RuleMachine/Boolean. However, that locks it down to very specific, arbitrary, routine periods of time (which is great for some things, but not for this).

What I want is for the thing to not happen again within ‘the next 15 minutes’ (i.e. the 15 minute period starts when the rule fires the first time).

Any idea how to do this?

p.s. Thanks @JDRoberts for putting this in a better place. :slight_smile:

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Your been using rule machine… are you still using it?

Have you looked into CoRE?

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Ha-ha, ya. I’ve been meaning to get over there, but I just haven’t had enough time to sink into a whole new system yet. So, until I have that block of time carved-out, I will just keep using RM. It’s still working just as well as it was before everything went dark on production/support. So, no big deal for me so far.

I’m glad it’s still working for you… it died for me a while ago…

You’ll like CoRE… it’s much more flexible and you can do what you’re wanting very easily.

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What about using a virtual switch to track the state.
Rule 1:
Trigger: if motion and virtual switch is off
Action: Take over the world and turn on virtual switch

Rule 2:
Trigger: if virtual switch turns on
Action: wait 15 minutes and turn off

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