How to Integrate SmartThings with AWS IoT service


I have a requirement where Samsung Smartthing Hub that needs to push data to AWS IoT service. Is there a way in which this can be accomplished ?

As far as I know AWS IoT does not work without certificates and there is no way to add that in the groovy script

Really stuck up on this one . Can you please assist

HI, I am also interested in this. Or if this is possible to integrate Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation to Watson IOT Platform Cloud Service

Please answer.
Thank you.

Searched and found this topic… Are you wanting to use IoT Things & shadow states to keep track of device state?

You could build a lambda (w/ AWS API Gateway) to update shadow state, then use the JSON Complete API to send events to the lambda…

Alternatively you could run a local HTTP server which published events directly to the AWS IOT MQTT broker (to the special update shadow state topic)… or published to a local mosquitto that published to AWS IOT MQTT… lots of options as I think through this myself.