Connect smart things hub to azure IOT hub

Hi everyone, I am new to SmartThings development. I just had a small question !
I want to integrate Samsung SmartThings hub to Azure IOT hub and wanted to know what would be the best approach to go about it. If someone could explain this is detail, then I would be highly grateful!

The best way would be with MQTT, using the following MQTT integration project. it’s not built into the official smartthings features and you will need to add an additional server device and an MQTT broker. But you should be able to make it work for at least some devices connected to your smartthings account.

Integration Solutions using MQTT

Anything else would be a much larger project, and you would have to write a lot of custom code for it.

At the present time, there are no official features for integration between smartthings and azure IOT hub. (Which, as I’m sure you know, but others may not, is actually a cloud service, not a hardware device.)

There was a pilot project announced back in 2020, but that was intended for Samsung smart appliances and for use by multifamily home apartment managers. I don’t think it ever came out of development. :thinking:

Microsoft, Samsung Pilot Azure IoT Platform with Samsung’s Smart Devices and SmartThings Platform

Also, be aware that both Microsoft and smartthings use the term “edge,” but they are talking about two completely different things, each specific to their own platform. So no help there. (Also, the Azure CLI and the SmartThings CLI are two completely separate programs, again, each specific to their own platform, so make sure you know which one is being discussed if you find any references.)

Still you should have a fairly straightforward integration using MQTT and the custom community project I linked to above if that’s of any help. Only for a limited set of standard home automation devices, though. :thinking:

Oh, and in case you’re not familiar with it, here is the Microsoft documentation on MQTT support in the azure IOT hub: