How to install two rockers with this switch?

OK, So I am stumped on how to replace these switches with two rockers. Yes, I realize I could cut into the wall and install a larger box but I am trying to avoid that. So, how could I do this? One of these controls a fan/light while the other controls an outlet. One of my ideas is to remove the one that controls the outlet but I am not sure how I could wire that extra wire in there to always keep the outlet on.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You can accomplish this with the existing switches and an Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 device using a custom device type and SmartApp . This device is not officially supported by ST, but I am using 5 of them in ceiling fan canopies.

Here is some more info

These will also work:

I have the Leviton becuase I’m limited with space and the builder of my house used what you have posted. It’s flakey, but it works… The dual relay controller would be a good alternative.