Looking for an app to change bulb color between red and green every few seconds

Does anyone if an app exists out there that I can use to alternate a color bulb from red to green every few seconds or so ? I can’t for the life of me find one that actually works.

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Brand and model of the bulb? The options vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Use the CoRE smartapp… Funnily enough I helped someone else out with the exact same question two days ago (via private messages):


Smart App and installation instructions in post one of the following thread…

And just in case you haven’t encountered discussion of core previously:

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Thank you. In my piston configuration… I can’t get the current piston to show up in the list of available pistons to run (at the end). I thought maybe because I havent’ saved it and given it a name yet, but after I saved it and went back to edit the rules, it still doesnt show up as option. I only get one other piston in the list (which I use for motion events). Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?

You have to name the piston and then click done to go back to the CoRE main page. This will refresh the list of Pistons on the list.

When you then go back in, and go to execute piston under actions, it should be there (it is for me).

Did it with “Follow up with piston xxx” and it seems to work. But now, after leaving run overnight, it locked up the lights (Sylvania Lightify GardenSpot RGB lights) and some of my other zigbee lights were stuck on, in the morning. I think it “crashed” the zigbee network with so many requests. Lol Time to slow down the flashing and color changing I guess. I had it alternate every 3 seconds, which I didn’t think was TOO bad.

Sorry… Wasn’t shown above… Should be a latching piston.

Took a couple times to get it working, but really like this piston. I can see a lot of different uses for this, just changing the colors based on time of year.

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Hey, do you mind sharing the section of code used for ‘wait 3 seconds’ and your red() and green() methods. I’m trying to implement this with the schedule API that SmartApp has.

It’s all in the CoRE Smartapp… I have no idea how the code works or which part is relevant.

Here you go. Mine does every 15 minutes and is set to turn on/off with my outside holiday lights.

Can this be done with a random color pattern and temp?

I must be missing something with this core function. I setup the latching piston but it never executes any actions… it says the condition is true (powered on) but it never changes the color. Only thing I can think is that when I go to My Smartapps in the API it shows that the Core app is not set to a location. does it need to be set to my home hub and if so how do i do that, I can’t seem to find that setting anywhere.

Suggest you install the newer version (webCoRE) and post what you’re trying to achieve on the new forum.

CoRE Support is limited whereas we can post webCoRE examples for you to import and you can post clear screenshots of your pistons.

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Just a thought here, did you create a virtual switch to use to activate the piston? If not, make a simulated switch and use that to actuate the piston (first screenshot where it says (ZZZZ vs spare 1”) and you should be good.

Seriously, don’t waste your time with CoRE… webCoRE is where all the goodies are at these days lol

The following piston example can be imported into webCoRE in a few clicks and will alternate between red/green every 3 seconds whilst switch 3 is on.

Job done :smile:

I’ve even made a video tutorial to walk you through the install process:


And for fun (tis the season), why not throw a bit of random into the mix:


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I was able to get this to work with webcore thanks for the advice i didn’t realize there was something better out there. Time to start experimenting!