How to get a device type published?

I have been trying to get my EZMultipli Device Type published for two years.
I have “submitted” it for publication several times but at no time has the submission even progressed to the next state.
No review, nothing. Can someone help to get this published?
The device type is fully functional and 2 other developers have helped contribute to the effort and a number of people have downloaded the GitHub Groovy code. But it would be so much easier for users if ST could simply support the device directly!

@duncan @mager @slagle @Ben can someone in ST help out?

Just ping @slagle or @Tyler; either can check in on the submission and see where it is stuck.

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So the device type has been published and generally is working well.
But for some reason some devices are reading the temperature as -98.3, -74.2 or other invalid values. I can see the Z-Wave traffic and I am returning the properly formatted report per the scale requested (F) so the temperature is in the low 70s.

How can I try to get this fixed?

I excluded and then re-included the devices thinking they are using an old version or something but that didn’t appear to help.

@slagle @Tyler can someone help out here?

Slagle and Tyler are no longer with SmartThings.

Even though the Device Type is published for public use, you can still create a self-published instance with extra log debug commands to diagnose the problems you are encountering.

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