How to findST SmartApps

I am new to ST and figuring out how to use SmartApps - both those included in the (Android) App and those created by Community Members.

I am having trouble figuring out how Community Created SmartApps are organized. So far I just do a search for something, and scroll through the topics to find SmartApps.

Also, once I’ve installed a Communicty Created SmartApp, how do I know if there are updates to it?


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The community – created wiki has quick browse lists for the community developed smart apps and device type handlers that should be pretty easy to use once you know they exist. :sunglasses:

For the officially published smartapps you just have to look through the marketplace section and see what’s there.

If after checking those two, you can’t find a solution for a particular problem, just start a thread in the smart app ideas section of the forum and people will be able to help you either find an existing smartapp or create a new one.


That is pretty much what I was looking for.



I’ve been browsing the forums off and on for a couple of years and never knew this existed. Great resource, especially for a beginner.

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The wiki’s been around for less than a year . Additional articles are always welcome. :sunglasses:

The quick browse lists were only added about a month ago because as more and more community-created smart apps and device type handlers got added into the forum section (a good thing) it became harder and harder to find things if you just looked at the whole section at once.

They are mentioned in the beginners’ scheduling guide, but I don’t know how many people see that:

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