How to factory reset ST before returning?

I’ve had it with ST, and as it turns out I can still return it so it goes back to where it came from. I just wonder, besides unpairing all the devices, is there a way to completely reset ST so no trace of my personal data remains on it? I’ve found the procedure how to remove everything from your application and delete all locations, it doesn’t say how to reset the hub itself.

Inability of ST to mimic even simplest 5-2 thermostat $24 worth (thermostat schedule application is not included, you have to find a custom one, and then schedule doesn’t work) is just pathetic. I just wonder what Samsung expects with this year model TVs with ST built-in, when not “hobby enthusiasts” but mainstream consumers realize this is vaporware. This is going to be interesting to watch.

No need to reset. Nothing personal is stored. Good luck.

Stop at step 5

But as mentioned above… there is no personal data stored on the device.