How to enable notifications for multipurpose sensor only during certain modes (home, away, night, etc)? Also, how do you create new modes?

I’m trying to like the new version of the Smartthings app (not the classic), but there is some basic functionality that appears to be missing. Unless I am just not understanding how to do it.

Example: I have a multipurpose sensor. I want this to send notification to members only when it’s status is “Open” and only during the “away” or “night” modes. So that it isn’t sending notifications during the day or while I’m home (i.e. for a back door to my yard).

Currently, it seems there is no way to do this in the new app (but I can control this level of detailed in the classic app).

I see how to change the time the modes change from home, night, away, etc. But I have no idea how to enable the sensor to alert on status change (open/close) only during a certain mode.

Any idea how to do this? And how do you create new modes?

Okay so modes can only be created from the IDE - can’t do it in the new app.

As for needing to create an automation. From the main dashboard, hit the + button and tap 'Add Automation". At the bottom, you’ll see a button that says ‘Custom Automation’.

For the Condition, tap Device Status > Door Sensor > Contact Sensor > Open > Save

Next, tap the + button in the top right corner to add another condition

This time, select Location Mode > Away (or whatever mode you want) > Save

You’ll notice at the top it now says “All Conditions” or “Any Conditions”. All is selected by default, so leave it like that. Then hit Next

Now add an action. Hit the big plus button > Notify Members > Type the message you want > Save

Finally, hit Done. It’ll ask you to give you automation a name (or just leave it as the default)

That’s it. That should now work - each time the door opens AND the home is a certain mode, it’ll send a notification out.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the tip. That idea will work for now, but it still requires me to create two automation rules (1 per mode night/away). I wish there was a way to do an If, Then, Else-If kind of thing.

Minirant, I’m just kind of miffed on how the classic app has so much more functionality. But the classic app notifications are several hours delayed before I get them, making it kind of useless. So I’ve been trying to use the new app instead.

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You could always give WebCoRe a go. You need classic to install it but after that you can just switch back to using the new app. There are a couple of minor gotchas to be aware of, but it makes more complex automation really easy. Or layer something like Home Assistant on top, but that’s a lot more complex.