How to disassemble ADT Smart Home Hub S40LR1-01

Okay, i made a mistake on my purchase. But for starters, I grew up with ADT as a kid growing up in the hood. Right before i moved, my neighbor had a break-in that could’ve ended her life, so she just recently advised me to invest into an alarm system. So i bought an ADT Smart Hub off ebay, but it didnt came wth a 6 digit activation code. They given me my money back because of it but essentially its now a free system. I was looking through some forums and i seen how a few people managed to get this working without an activation code. So I almost got this disassembled, i unscrewed the bottom screws up but its not coming open. Im just trying to retrieve the serial number for it so i can get some support for it. So how can I open this up.

Can you post a link to any post that says they were able to get it working? As far as I know, those were discontinued, and you cannot set them up with an account anymore. No matter what you do to it. :thinking:

There are some people who bought a completely different model which was part of the Vodafone security system, called Vhome, and those are just re-branded versions of the smartthings V3 hub, and some people have been able to get those working.

And there are quite a few people who bought a standard smartthings hub used but didn’t have the welcome code for it and were able to get Smartthings support to help them get it connected to a smartthings account. But again, that’s not the ADT model.

the ADT/SmartThings dual logo hubs were a unique model with different hardware and different radios inside. I haven’t heard of anyone who’s ever been able to get one to work since they shut down the service for that model. :man_shrugging:t2: