HOW-TO: Control your Curtains with an Amazon Echo (Alexa + SmartThings Hub + Aeotec)

List of products included in this video:

[ Amazon Echo ]

[ Samsung SmartThings Hub ]

[ Aeotec Micro Motor Controller ]

[ Dooya Sunflower DT52S / KT320S Electric Curtain Engine ]

[ Dooya Curtain Track ]

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[ Z-Wave ]


What is the background upside down waterfall?

It’s called a Bubble Wall :sunglasses:

How do you order the curtain rod size? Also my curtains are pretty heavy, will this motor work ok? Lastly, I’m in the us, do I need any different model numbers to work in my region, as I see your power cord plug is different than US standard 120V.

None of your links seem to work either you posted on this thread? Maybe outdated URL’s?

Lastly, do they make any other color curtain rods? I would like to get brown to blend in with our decor. Thx!

have you attempted to get the aeon minimote to work with this? i have the same exact setup and i am using a custom device handler which has open/close/stop. i would love to get the stop function working. the open and close work perfectly on the minimote from aeon. any ideas? i have already tried Button Controller + and Button Controller Plus

The Aeotec DSC14104-ZWUS Controller is no longer available, and the “new” Aeon Labs controllers look to be only in wall controllers… Do you think these will still work for this integration? If not, do you know where I could get a controller like yours?! Thanks in advance.

Nice work! You just need EchoSistant so you can make the commands sound more natural.

Alexa, open the curtains in the … < add your profile name here >

@Chun since the aeotec device is added as a dimmer can you use it as such?

for example can you tell ST to open the curtains at a certain percentage?

this would be great for my home theater so it can open the curtain when the system is tuned on and can adjust between 16:9 and 2:35 screen formats so the dimabiltiy would be great.

also can you please see @jgm1937’s comment about controller availability. any recommendations?

@thesmartesthouse could probably say more as they used to carry the Aeotec and now carry the Qubino, but I believe most people are now using the new Qubino zwave plus shutter control for projects that used to be done with the Aeotec motor Control micro.

Precise Z-Wave and manual control of motorized blinds, shades, shutters, and sunscreens

sorry for double post but this is the controller that I just installed and need some help.getting it integrated into Alexa

Since the Aeotech has been discontinues I went with the suggested replacement that @TheSmartestHouse referred to on their website

I figured out how to wire it in and have full control via SmartThings however when I go to Alexa app and search for the device. it is unable to find it when I go into discovery mode.
I went ahead and added the DH for this module and all seems to be working
Here is a video of the Rod in action.

Can you guys help me get this integrated to Alexa, what I usually do is add the new device to ST and give it a custom name then I open the Alexa app and run discovery and my new devices are always found and at that point I am able to tell Alexa a command for the new device, this device for some reason is not showing up so i am unable to control it… not sure what I am doing wrong

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Which device handler are you using?

I’m using one by Goap and to get it to work with Alexa I had to add some extra code to it.

For the qubino flush shutter to show as a thing in Alexa app the device handler needs to have capability “Switch” in it. which the DH I’m using didn’t. So I added it.
Then I added some more code to process the ON and Off commands which are the only two Alexa knows.

End result is
Alexa turn on curtains opens the curtains.

Alexa turn off curtains closes the curtains.

@inpier any chance you could post your DH here, I’ll post the DH that i used once i find it

Thanks in advance for your help

@George_Chavez here is a link to my modified DH that adds Alexa.

As I use it for curtains I have also commented out the ‘Venetian Slats’ tiles so they are hidden.

As the code stands telling Alex to turn On curtains runs the open routine and turn Off curtains runs the close routine. You can swap this around if you prefer at Lines 442 to 454 which contain the on function and the off function with the opposite action for each commented out. Just uncomment the one you want and comment out the other.

Hope it works OK

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@inpier I really appreciate your help,
I will give your modified DH a try, now we just need an ST pro to add the ability to add it to other routines, it will be nice when we can add it to good night routine si they close at bedtime
This will atleast give me voice control for now.

Thanks again

As the DH now has switch capability it should be available in Routines under the sections ‘Turn On these lights or switches’ and or ‘Turn off these lights or switches’. So you should be able to add it to your Good night routine.

Hey I just wanted to give you an update on this, I went ahead and added you DH and excited to stay it works 100% like I was hoping, fyi… I was able to just say “Alexa open curtains and Alexa close curtains” with your DH,
You were correct, I am able to add the curtain to other routines so now my Good Morning routine opens the curtain and Good Night closes them, I just need to add them to my turn on Theatre routine so they close when I turn on my projector, my whole reason for ever venturing into this

Here it is in action again, fully working

Thanks again for all your help, now that I know that I have a fully working curtain rod I will be purchasing several more for the rest of the house, woohoo

I am so excited.


Thanks very much.
With this DH everything I need for my curtains is working now - routines, Alexa…
The DH also has STOP button, it’s extra gift :grinning:

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So how would i add this curtain to my Alexa routine for turning on my projector, i want the curtains to close whenever any of the projector routines are turned on and curtains opened after turning off smartthings logitech routines.