How to control fan with lights that has only one wire?

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I am building a house and I think your suggestion would solve my problem, but I need a little more clarification. I am brand new to home automation, and I have 3 fans with lights that only have one wire at the wall switch to power all three fans, both lights and fans. There are two wall switches that both control the 3 fans, but each has just one wire that controls both the fan and the lights. (Electrician had just planned on using a remote inside the fans to control them). When you say install an aeon micro at the light/fan fixture to control the fan, how exactly would I do that? My electrician (my husband’s uncle) is new to all z-wave, but has learned much while installing my light dimmer switches and fan dimmers. I don’t know enough about wiring in fans to know how to install the aeon mini so that it controls just the fan. Or would it really control both the fan and lights? I would like to be able to dim or turn off lights while having the fan run independent of the lights (also with speed control), but I’m not sure if that’s possible, even with smart bulbs, due to my only having one wire to the wall.

Also, do smart bulbs come in candleabra size sockets?

Hm… that is an interesting set up.

Anyways, Aeon Micro switches are small switches that can are supposed to go behind a switch from what I have found from a quick search.

One idea:

Do you have access to the attic / above the fan area? I would recommend seeing how much space up there. Since you have only one wire powering the fan and light but want to control them separately, it seems you will want to split that one wire into two before going into the fixture.

For each fan/light, you want to take the live wire, split it into two micro switches, then connect each switch to the light and fan separately.

This will take 6 switches but will then be able to control everything separately.

Or take out switches as necessary to have multiple fans / lights work together.

Your setup is different for sure. Since it’s using a 3 ways circuit to control 3 loads. First, you should ask your husband’s uncle to figure out what kind of wiring you have. Controlling lights and fans separately is all depend on the wiring you have. Since that old post above. There are now dual relay modules for controlling 2 different loads. Here is a link to that dual relay module. You must have line hot and neutral at the light fixture for the module to work.

Controlling all 3 fans/light separately could be tricky with your setup.
Unfortunately there is no E12 candelabra base for smart bulb that I know of.

Here’s the manual for the Monoprice dual relay in case your electrician wants to have a look at.