How to Control Ceiling Fan/Hue Lighting Combination?

I’m new to SmartThings and this community. I have found some previous discussion of how to best control a ceiling fan through smart switches, but I have a variation on that question that complicates the picture more than I can sort out on my own. I would appreciate advice.

I have an old-style ceiling fan with a pull chain to change the lighting options (off, two lights on, or four lights on), and a second pull chain to control the fan (off, or one of three on speeds). Currently we have a single dumb switch that simply controls power to the whole fixture.

I would like to rework my setup so that I can do the following:

  1. Turn on and change the fan speed from a wall switch
  2. Use Hue lights in the four-bulb fixture and control them through a separate controller (probably a Hue Smart Dimmer switch).

I have seen devices that can be installed in the ceiling fixture that allow you to wirelessly control the fan and the lights from a remote, but the ones I have seen don’t integrate into SmartThings. I would like to integrate both the lights and the fan into SmartThings, but I would also like them to be controllable through wall-mounted switches.

Advice? TIA.

You will have to split the branch so that only the fan motor control goes to the wall switch. Then it will be easy. :sunglasses:

@Navat604 or one of the other wiring experts in the community may be able to say more.

I think your best bet is this post here. Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions. You don’t have many choices since there’s probably only a 14/2 romex going from the switch to the fan and you need minimum 14/3 to control the fan and light separately from each other. Unless you could run another romex.

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