How to control an RF controlled device with Smartthngs

My solutionn is using RF transmitter/receiver with Arduino.
Arduino communicate with Smartthings via Smartshield.
With this method I can control 4 ceiling fans & some RF switches from Etekcity (which use RF 433 remote).

Check this thread


Thank you. But what is Arduino and how exactly would I set things up to control the RF device.

By the way what I want to control is a vertical blind smart device called EZ Wand. It looks great for adding o to an existing vertical blind

EZ Wand is a clever approach.

It is using the 433 MHz frequency, but I don’t know exactly which protocol.

Is the Smartthings support RF 433 MHz?

Did you mean does the smartthings hub support RF 433 MHz?

If that was your question, then it does not. It doesn’t have a radio on that frequency.

Some people do use an additional device to act as a bridge. @ogiewon might know more about what’s available in 2019. I know some people are using a broadlink pro device as a bridge, but then you also need an android phone to use with that.

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@fixman you can take a look at my ST_Anything project, which has basic support for controlling 433MHz devices using the RCSwitch library. This is definitely a DIY solution.

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Thank you @ogiewon. I will learn the system and will try to use it.


Hi, I am trying to do the same thing- I am pretty techno stupid. is there someway I can contact you to get help on this? My email is


ST_Anything is very much a DIY solution, that requires quite a bit of technical expertise. You don’t mention exactly what you’re attempting to accomplish. Perhaps there are some off-the-shelf solutions that would be simpler to implement? :wink:

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Basically the same thing as everyone else - I have a RF remote that is 433.92 from my bedroom shades and I would like to control these via Alexa.

What are the list of things I need to buy?

I really don’t have any idea what you’d need to buy to control those blinds. Hopefully another user will add their thoughts.

Old thread, tacking on an answer

BroadLink rf hub with Alexa BroadLink skill
Pair the rf remote to BroadLink
The shade device can be added to an alexa scene (solar shades down) and can be controlled by voice

Bond Bridge and Bond Bridge Pro can handle this Bond Bridge | Bond

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Hi. I’ve looked at the Bond Bridge a number of times but haven’t pulled the trigger.

I have two Fanimation ceiling fans in two different rooms next to each other. Both have an RF control.

Since I last looked at the Bond website they’ve added Bond Bridge Pro and only list SmartThings integration for that.

  • Does the basic Bond Bridge integrate with SmartThings?
  • If yes, how? How reliable is the integration
  • Given that there’s no feedback from the fan, how often does the actual state get out of sync with what SmartThings thinks is the state?
  • If you own one of these, would you buy it again?

yes, the Bond Bridge (non-pro) connects to ST.
My integration is reliable but I am not using it with Fans.

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Yep. It’s reliable. The cheaper one also does IR, which the Pro doesn’t. Needs line of sight for IR, but it is compatible with things like fireplaces. It gets out of sync on the fans if you use the RF remotes that come included with the fans. Pair the bond with a scene controller or smart switch (non-load) and the smart switch can call out to the bond bridge, so that part stays synced.

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Thanks! I’d definitely have to do that as there is a Decora-style dumb switch that powers the fan off now.

Just make sure it has a load bypass, and then forward the event to the Bond. :+1: Should work great

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I have a bond with three ceiling fans and their lights connected to it. I get very frustrated about them getting out of sync.

Can you explain this solution in further detail? How would I pair the bond with a smart switch?

You can get a switch with a load bypass (Zooz) that has multiple buttons. Something like a ZEN32 which has 5 buttons or a Zooz Double Switch which has a dimmer + button. The key is to provide constant power as the inrush is bad for the RF module and can cause you to miss events if it is starting up as commands are sent. These switches allow the relay to be turned off so the on/off or dimmer events are only sent to your hub and do not actually cut/dim the current. Just make sure the switch of choice can handle the current your fan combo draws.

Once you have these events, setup an automation in ST to connect the Switch On → Bond Fan Light On, Switch Dimmer Level → Bond Fan Speed Level, etc. You can also add automations to go the other way as well in case you use the Fan device in ST to change settings. That would be Bond Fan Light On → Switch On. It won’t be circular (See “Trust Tracked State” below), but will keep the two in sync if you happen to hit them interchangeably in the UI.

After the automations are configured, go into the Bond app and head to the settings for the fan. You can fix the tracked state in the Advanced section. You may need to do this initially if the default state of the switch and fan light do not agree. Lastly there is another setting for “Trust Tracked State”. If your fan doesn’t have a true on/off, but instead has a power toggle, you will want to turn this on. It prevents redundant commands from toggling the light to the wrong state if it receives multiple.

After that, get rid of your remote and use the switch/ST. The remote will throw off the tracked states as they occur outside of ST. Bond has it on their roadmap to listen for the RF signal and update their states, but until they do, I wouldn’t use it.