How to clear adt tamper alert from app

Mounting the hub created a tamper alert. I cleared it from the hub pad but its still showing in the app and clicking ok does not clear it. How do i clear the alert from the app. Am i missing something.

Probably the tamper alert internal sensor is out of place. This is a common issue if you take the back panel off in order to facilitate mounting.

See the following thread (this is a clickable link). Read through the thread, there are pictures and everything. :wink:

Perhaps I did not explain enough. The tamper alarm works just fine. The problem is it will not clear from the app. It cleared just fine from the panel. No tamper alarm shows on the panel. so nothing is stuck.

Whats showing in the app does not match the panel.

Perhaps I should trigger it again and see if clearing it a second time will clear the app.

OK triggering another tamper event cleared it.

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I don’t know. Maybe @Mavrrick58 has some ideas.

Honestly i don’t remember having to do anything. You may want to try rebooting your phone, or force closing the app.

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I have the same issue. In the smartthings home screen in the ADT the notification dot continues to show “devices need attention Panel Tampered”. I did perform a hard reset of the hub and the panel display doesn’t show and tamper messages (anymore) but the app does. Soft reset did not work nor time (almost 24 hours). Keen to learn the solution to get it away. Thanks

Having the same issue

OK by No means am I an expert but I have found the Tamper showing in the Smart Things App as an event can be cleared by carefully Loosening the screw from the bottom of the device and then opening it, the tamper will show up on the panel 3-5 seconds , ( if the Tamper Switch is working correctly ) wait for the beep to stop . Push back into place and repeat a second time ( Do Not Remove the Power ) you want to be able to see the event on the panel . Tighten back the screw .

Close and Re-Open the Smart Things App your Tamper alert should now be gone!

Best of Luck!

I cleared my tamper alert by powering down my ADT Smartthings Hub. Powering it back up and holding the home button/ square, for about 10 seconds. The hub will reset and the alert will be cleared.