Does the ADT model hub have a tamper alert if a burglar tries to smash it?

I’m not sure how to ask this question as a new member of the forum coming over from the IRIS side but I’ll try anyway.

As for ADT professional monitoring, does the monitoring station still get a call and then call the police if a burglar smashes the hub after the grace period has started but before the alarm goes off?

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Well it is does have a tamper alert built into it. From my experience it is triggered when the back panel is removed from the system. Now how that relates to someone smashing I am not sure. My guess is that some parts of it would have to survive long enough to send the call out.

That is just a guess though.

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My IRIS monitoring company must have be notified right away when a sensor is tripped in a If/Then/else scenario. If sensor is triggered AND not cancelled by the time grace ends, call police or fire, else cancel police/fire call(s). IRIS often reacted too quick. You can follow the activity in the History log. It seems that they call the police at the same time the call the customer, somehow. I’ve had police come out to my house before I can finish cancelling the alarm with the monitoring station. As soon as the siren sounded I knew I better act fast. If I was a burglar I wouldn’t have time to smash the hub or the keypad.

Same thing with our First Alert smoke detection. We had 3 fire trucks at our house before we could cancel the false alarm, my wife was grilling steaks on our indoor grill.

I was just trying to figure out how fast the ADT monitoring works. If it works as fast as IRIS, than I’m comfortable a burglar woudn’t have time to do damage to the keypad/hub.

I would thing the best and only one that could answer that would be ADT. I would expect them to have a SLA they are suppose to hold to.

Thanks! I’m not good with acronyms, what is SLA (Service license Agreement) and what do you mean by “suppose to hold to”? Sorry for the dumb questions.

There would almost certainly be some kind of event generated before the smash. That could be a motion event, door sensor, loss of power, etc. If the panel was then unable to send an “all-clear” event, the notifications would proceed as expected.


This seems to answer my question, or at least put my mind at ease, thanks!


It does have a tamper alert. I removed the back of the panel to mount it on the wall and now the app is showing a “panel alert” and I cannot get it to clear. Anyone have any ideas?

I had this same issue. I believe once I snapped the back piece back into the main panel and mounted it, the tamper alert cleared.

Do you mean you removed the panel and didn’t put it back? The tamper alert Will go off if either the back panel is removed or if the batteries are not properly seated or are non-functional.

I couldn’t get the back off completely, not sure why or what I did wrong. Even partially off I receive a trigger alarm. Should we put our system in test mode first before tampering with the back and will that stop trigger alerts and ADT being called? I still have the alert on my phone that I can’t clear, so I’m not sure how to clear that. I saw instructions somewhere talking about “clear” but I never saw it in the app.

I removed that back panel and screwed it to the wall so the hub can’t be easily lifted or knocked off and then slipped the hub back on the panel. It went back on perfectly and was able to reinsert the bottom screw. The hub is showing “ready to arm” but the app is showing the tamper alert. Like sfink16 said, I have also seen posts about “clearing” it but cannot figure out how.

It looks like there is a tube that has to be fitted exactly in place near the battery inside the panel or you will get the tamper alert. Once you get the tamper alert on the panel itself ( not a tamper alert from the sensor), there doesn’t seem to be any simple way to clear it, I think you will have to talk to support.

OK, here’s a real dumb question. What’s exactly does the battery look like and can it be replaced? I understand the life of the battery is 3 years, so I need to replace it at some point if I keep the system that long. Also, My “On Battery Power” always seems to say false even after unplugging the battery.

With pictures:

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Thanks! Instruction #4 “Carefully remove the backplate by sliding out the tabs at the top and bottom.” was/is very confusing to me. I think I finally got it as I opened it but now I did a tamper and the panel is beeping now. On customer support now.

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Success, no more beeping!


what was the solution?

Sorry but I went away on vacation almost immediately after posting this and didn’t get a chance to reply. I called the customer support (I forget which number I called) and they worked me through by taking off the back cover and disconnecting the battery, waiting a period of time (again I forget how long to wait), than plugging back in. The beeping stopped but do notice an warning (tamper alert?) that hasn’t gone away on my app. I don’t see any affect the warning has on operations however, so until it does, I’m not going to worry about it.