How to change device type? Aeon Smart Switch to bmmiller custom device

I got some aeon labs smart energy switches last week, and plugged my washer and dryer in to them. I’d like to get rid of the on/off switch functionality, and saw bmmiller’s custom device type. I added it in my smartthings api graph page, but am unsure how to use it now. I tried removing and re-adding the dryer, but it just comes up as it used to. Still showing On / Off on the home screen, and tapping “Configure” doesn’t do anything.

How can I tell that it’s using the custom device type for this unit?

Go back into the IDE, find the switch, click on Edit, scroll down to device type, and select your new device type.

So if I change it to the other device type, should the big green “On” tile disappear, or should it just be non-functional?

I have no idea because I don’t use that device type. I have my own (for looks/functionality), plus I still want to control the switch from the app in the event of a water leak at my washer, or some other emergency with my washer or dryer that I’m not already monitoring.

Do you have a link the device type you’re using? Here’s what mine looks like:

You may already know all this, but just in case:

After that, as John mentioned, you need to get the device to configure so that it will use the device type.

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I’ve gotten it straightened out now. I think part of my confusion was that the new device type looked nearly identical, or I didn’t notice! I went through the device code, and commented out and otherwise removed the switch / actuator pieces, and reassigned stuff so that the power button would be gone, and hopefully not interactive with anything that would call it.

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