How to automate second relay on ZWN-RSM2S

Hey guys,

I have a bunch of ZWN-RSM2S relays, the first relay is fine, I can automate the functions of my house interrior, the second relay on most are outdoor light switches; how do i call on the secondary function of a switch to use the second switch?

I.e. i want to set outdoor lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, but i cant select my second switch only the primary :confused:
These devices have been around a long long time, I’m hoping someone has managed to get it working.


On my phone so I dont have the relevant links at hand, but basically, you’ll need a couple things -

  1. Custom device type provided by the manufacturer (on their support site). Have fun copy pasting from a PDF! Sounds like you might have that.

  2. There’s a smart app I found here on the forums that takes the switch and creates two virtual switches, one representing each switch.

  3. Use your favorite lighting control app to flip the virtual switches.

  4. Profit

I believe you referring to -

Gil :slight_smile:

Same author, but I’m not actually using that smartapp, but instead a “generic” one that he posted buried in a thread somewhere. My assumption is that your link is the v2 of this code that has the sync options for it (which I’m not looking at with interest).

You should really go to this post and scroll down to around thread #180 for the step to config. The parameters of the relay for instant status update between the physical switch and ST app. Also the device handler and smartapp are in there as well.

Also, there is a device handler for that switch so you don’t have to use the generic one:

need help. I can not make the second relay apperar or work on the ST. Can you help me?