How in the world do I add Modes in Smartthings?

I tried this link, but I do not see the “Add Mode” button that @JDRoberts indicated in his post. See Screen shot below. Can you help?

The only way i found it was logging in on a pc. Dont ask for a link because i have to do a google seach every time

On your PC, go to and register and/or log into your SmartThings account. Select “HOME” then scroll down to “Modes” click on the link “create new”


The link you should be providing to others is

Not everyone is on the na04 shard. :slight_smile:


I stand corrected, thank you. Good to know.

If you go to that same link and read the very first sentence in the very first post, it explains that the ability to add modes was removed from the mobile app and it gives another link to the post which tells you how to do it through a web browser.


THANK YOU! I was logged into the web browser (MAC) and initially it said I did not have a hub! Right now it is telling me I don’t have any Smart Apps. See below. So maybe there is a glitch? Now to try to use Modes/ Routines to trigger Alarm. Thanks again.

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If you are logged on correctly and you used the and not the shard that was posted elsewhere up above and if you see your Location, your Hub and your Devices (you should have at least one device in here), then the fact that you don’t have any SmartApps on that page can be entirely true. For anything to show up here, you would have had to have added code from GitHub for example to create / publish a SmartApp and/or a Device Handler. If the last sentence makes no sense to you, then chances are pretty good you have none. When something gets added by you to this section, it is then made available for you to install from the ST Mobile app under Marketplace / + My Apps. This is just reference for you when your ST journey takes you down this path.