Since last update "Set For Specific Modes" feature returns "There are no modes available"

Has anyone met the same bug ? It has become IMPOSSIBLE set an app (self publish as much as Marketplace’s) for specific modes. THIS IS NOW bugging everything down in my smartthings.

as of now I’m disabling automatic update since every couple month they totally mess up everything after a time while everything was working fine! This is so frustrating.

Let me know if you don’t face this issue, maybe it’s something I can fix on my side, you never now.



Same issue. Total mess. Please help smartthings.

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I’m having the same trouble. Whether it’s a marketplace app or my own. I keep getting “There are no modes available.” I’ve tried rebooting the hub, the app, forcing the input in my app with mode(), all to no avail.

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Me too. Same issue.

I should’ve checked the app store first. On IOS, there’s an update that fixes this.