How i made my doors unlock... ON THE CHEAP (under $50) (electric strike)

Then your costs are right up there with a Kwikset electric Z-Wave door lock.

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admittedly you would be getting close. I paid $3 for my arduino clone. You would still be dealing with batteries though and limited choices of door knobs.

I’m trying to find stuff for my next project. This is a simple weatherexposed entrance gate.
My setup:
Simple night latch. As chuckc81 describes. Possible to open from the inside and use of a normal key from the outside.
I’t will lock manually if you close the gate behind you. Fail secure. The only thing i want from Smarthings is the possibily to let people in with Smartthings by activiting the “BUZZ” for the electric strike. I’m considering buying this kit? Any advise on a remote controller for smarthings who will do the job like this exit button wireless and via Smartthings?
I’m a little confused because the electric controller support both electric strikes and magnets. The magnets is on all time and electricity are cutted each time it is opened. Electric strikes are vice versa. The name is electric

Some extra info: SmartThings europe and picture of the kit with open button

the device supports both by having a standard relay in it. the only thing you have to do different in those two connections is hook the striker to the NO connector and a magnet to the NC one. It’s probably the exact same relay doing both internally. Most relays can operate either way, in a single-throw, double pole setup where it connects to one terminal or the other depending on if power is applied.

Drop bolt, magnetic, strike, all the same