How far can we go with automation? (Integrating NFC tags with SmartThings)

I use NFC tags to fire routines. All you need is Trigger, SharpTools and Tasker.


So it is going to take some programing? I have had tasker for years but never use it cause it seems to hate me.

If you can get IFTTT to switch on/off a virtual switch, based on your NFC tag, then you can use the smartapps ‘switch activates home phrase’ or ‘switch activates mode’ under Lights & Switches

Let me know if you need help setting things up. I’m the developer of SharpTools and I would be happy to help.

This is probably easiest to accomplish with the help of Trigger + Tasker + SharpTools.

Here’s an article about using Trigger to use an NFC tag to call a Tasker Task. From the Tasker side of things, you would just need to create a new Task using the ‘A Phrase’ plugin from SharpTools to run the desired Routine.


I tried using NFC for something similar, but I was disappointed. I believe on Android the phone has to be unlocked for NFC to work (as in you’ve swiped up and typed in your code).

When I go to bed, I rest my phone on an induction charger. So I use Tasker to fire an action if wireless charging is activated between certain times. This works even when the phone is locked.


Others can speak much better to the Android options, but as far as IFTTT there are already two smart apps in the marketplace section of the smartthings mobile app that greatly expand what you can do it IFTTT and SmartThings.

One allows you to tie a virtual switch to turning on a routine. (Routines were formerly called “hello home phrases.”)

The other allows you to tie a virtual switch to changing a mode. Many people use these with IFTTT.

So if in your particular set up you already have everything working as far as getting IFTTT it’s easy to add triggering a mode or routine.

Open the mobile app, click on the star icon in The lower right to go to the marketplace, choose the smartapps section, choose lights and switches, scroll down to find the switch apps, and install the one you want. (Although the section of the mobile app is called “marketplace” almost everything there, including these two apps, is free. )

and the following topic explains how to set up a virtual switch if you are not yet familiar with those:

Thanks for everyone’s input. As soon as I get my NFC tags and off of work i will be sure to let you know which worked best!

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Thanks for the pointer to SharpTools, it was the missing link ive been looking for. Turned out the lights & shut the house up for the night tonight waving my phone over a tag on the nightstand.

Just wish NFC worked with the phone locked. Don’t want to root my phone for that (messes with my corporate E-mail client).


Hi Josh

First off, happy new year!
I hope the offer you extended to Hanselljlh does apply to other as well, since I might need to take you up on it.

I so far have used a tasker/trigger combination with an nfc-tag next to my bed to “prepare” my phone for the night (disable notices, disable sync, etc.). Since I also run a ST smarthome, I would like to also like to have the nfc-tag make ST go into night mode.

After installing Sharptools I have to admit I dont really have the slightest idea to what it actually does, or which purpose the app serves, so any hints would be highly appreciated!


Happy new year to you as well! I would start by reviewing the SharpTools microsite to get and introduction to SharpTools. The main features SharpTools provides are Tasker plugins and widgets for SmartThings.

It sounds like you are already familiar with Tasker, so SharpTools will help you automate your SmartThings using Tasker.

There are a number of plugins including those to control Things, Modes, and Routines. There are also plugins to get the current attributes of one or more Things and to get the current mode. Additionally there are event plugins which can trigger Tasker tasks whernever certain Thing attributes change or modes change using push events.

It sounds like what you want to do is extend an existing task to add in one or more SharpTools > A Thing, A Mode, or A Routine actions.


Yes thats right. How would I go about linking tasker and sharptools? When I edit my tasker tasks I would assume finding the relevant plugin under “3rd party” apps, but did not seem to find anything sharptools related there.

I did not buy the plugin yet, since there was mention of a 7 day trial period?

It should just be under ‘Plugin’ and not ‘3rd Party’. Regarding the trial, once you try to use one of the SharpTools Tasker plugins it will prompt you to start the trial or complete the IAP. :slight_smile:

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Works beautifully.

You have a buyer :slight_smile:

Edit: And thanks for both the product and the great customer service (with the arrows :wink: )

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Hi Yosh

Another question popped up:

What are the parameters I have to set in Tasker when controlling “a thing”, specifically for setLevel, setHue, setSaturation, setColor, etc…


setHue, setSaturation, and setLevel each take a value between 0 and 100.

setColor is a helper method that controls the hue and saturation simultaneously, but the recommended approach with SharpTools is to use the setHue, setSaturation, and setLevel commands in unison.

SharpTools downloads the list of all the methods for your device types, so these are the methods that the device natively exposes. In this case, these are all part of the Color Control capability as documented by SmartThings:

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Thanks alot Josh

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Could you tell me how you accomplished this, I want to turn my bedroom lights off when I place my phone on the charger

If you already have and know how to use Tasker and SharpTools, I could assist.

Either PM me or let’s find a different thread since this specific type of config doesn’t have anything to do with using NFC tags; the primary point of this thread.

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Oh no, you just need NFC Assistant :wink:
Just open this app, tap your NFC chip and tap on “Smart Home”.

Only 2 reviews and 50 downloads… and the app forces you to grant access to Do Not Disturb, Calendar, and other permissions before it will open. That’s a no-go for me.

(I stopped when it asked for the calendar as that’s far to private a thing for an NFC app to require)