How far back of ST sensor data can I see?

Hi everyone,

For two hours this morning in the U.S., the SmartThings (ST) servers went down. Out of curiosity, I went to the online API to see if I could further define the length of the gap (past the ST general announcements). In other words, when was the last sensor data timestamped before the gap started, and when was the first one after the gap ended. I have about 20 sensors, half of which are Aeon Multisensors (~6 sensors each) reporting every 5 minutes, so it’s lots of data.

At the time when I checked (about 10 am Eastern time when the gap was around 7-8 am), I could still see the data gaps on individual sensors within the API “List Events” for each sensor. However the easiest place to get the overall view of all events would have been to List [all] Events for my hub. But because there were so many, 8 am has scrolled off what can be seen on the hub, even if I change the number of displayed events from 100 to 200.

Is there some way to dig deeper into the data via the native tools?

Disclaimer - I am asking in the general sense about native ST data logging. Without having to sign up for some external service or set up some additional script. I’m already logging all my data via Google Sheets, but that doesn’t pinpoint things; it only reports time ranges for rows of data. Also I can see how the hub has a place where it lists Pings, and this did show the gap, but again, it was much less precise than all the individual datapoints.

So I am not asking alternative approaches to gathering more data, but just asking the simple straight-up question, is there some way to see more historic ST sensors data, especially for all hub events, past the 100 or 200 you can see in the API? Or is that hub view, effectively limited to about an hour for me (several hours for individual sensors) about all there is?

Thanks if you can help!

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Hi @RedKnight, (fyi @JDRoberts) ST use to keep days and days of device event history, but now 7 days is the maximum no matter how chatty your device may be (I believe).

There is a bit of a little hiccup with the display of events. I had an issue I emailed support about where I could only see a few hours of history. The failure was caused by 1 of 2 things: (easily repeatable)

  • I changed the zoom scale of my browser to 90% so I could get more on my laptop screen, and that somehow caused the scrolling refresh to stop working. That’s what support told me, and sure enough, they were right.

  • While it’s nice to scroll in increments of 200, stay with the default 25 because it causes the scrolling refresh to fail too. Again, that’s what support told me, and sure enough, they were right.

Every since I’ve kept my zoom to 100 and scroll value to the default 25, I can see up to 7 days of event history. If you make any changes, you’ll need to close and reopen your browser. I use Chrome, but I believe this is true for IE as well. I’m not sure about another other browsers.


Oh wow, that’s crazy, John - crazy good!

I was wondering “why is he talking about scrolling, because it doesn’t scroll open anything more, and there’s also no More button or anything”.

But when I did exactly like you said, lo and behold, I can simply keep scrolling and scrolling (paging down and paging down). Both in Chrome and IE, I had to have Zoom to 100%. (I could not even remember what they were set to, but in fact they were higher than 100, because I have high resolution monitors.)

It is a little silly to have a quirk like this. They really should put a little note at the top of the page to that effect -

If you can't see more than a few hours data, set drop-down to 25 records, and zoom to 100%. You may need to restart browser. You should be able to see at least 7 days of data by paging down.

Anyway, much thanks! I will try to leave feedback for them.

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Yup, but I bet this is low on the priority list for ST. Glad I could help out.