How do you tell if your device is edge enabled?

The FAQ suggests I should open the app, open a device and hit the vertical ellipsis and look for “Driver” as an option. I don’t see this on any devices, even the ones that are working just fine. Maybe I misunderstand what being ‘edge-enabled’ means.

directly connected devices would show Driver if they are using an Edge Driver. Cloud-to-cloud integrations using the new architecture would not have Driver as an option under the 3 dots.

what devices?

An easy way to see what drivers are being used is to consult the API Browser from @TAustin

Here are some various types:

  • Zwave devices using an Edge driver will show Type “ZWAVE”
  • Devices using legacy DTH drivers will show Type “DTH”
  • Devices using Edge virtual devices will show Type “LAN”
  • Cloud to Cloud integrations show Type “VIPER”
  • Native Samsung Wi-fi integrations will show Type “OCF”

You can filter by types to see which devices are using which type of driver/integration as well.

Thanks @jkp, you name, ZWave switches, garage door sensors, motion sensors, door sensors.

I should add that I’m one of those people who implemented a super polished ST environment like 7 years ago and have largely not had to touch it for years, so I’m just now digging into what the hell has happened. :slight_smile: So I’m sure I’m just not well educated enough.

Thanks. I’m confused as I have identical devices on the same hub whereby some have been migrated to an Edge driver (per API Browser) and where some have not.

I seen other people report that as well. Not sure the methodology that goes into when a device(s) gets migrated. Perhaps it’s based on device ID or something more esoteric.

I still have a number of Zwave devices that are running DTH drivers. I’ve been holding out on manually moving them because there are a lot of routines that reference them and even using virtual devices as placeholders, it’s a lot of work to update them.

It’s actually super confusing. I have around 3 dozen identical Leviton Dimmers in my house which were all provisioned at the same general time and were all using standard device drivers and they have been migrated to different drivers now. A few are ZWAVE/Edge devices, the rest of DTH but even different versions. I get an “ineligible driver” error in API Browser when trying to change them out.

What a freaking mess.

What is generally the best interface to reconfigure these devices now that the IDE is out?

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So, the API Browser can only change an Edge driver to a different Edge driver. It can’t go from DTH to Edge because they are effectively different platforms and the APIs only expose Edge functionality.

The only way to convert from DTH to Edge is to wait for it to automatically happen or exclude/include the existing devices (although I and others report that if you do a Scan Nearby it will install an Edge driver when the device is in pairing mode, but you end up with duplicates that you will need to delete in the IDE). Doing exclude/include is fine if the device(s) aren’t used (or sparsely used) in Routines or Scenes. However, if they are referenced in many places, it’s lots of work to go update your Routines. And if a routine is only referencing a single device that is excluded, that routine will disappear and you will have to recreate.

As you said, quite a freaking mess.

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