How do you see status of phone, when being used as a presence detector

We have two iPhones that we use to switch the Location Mode from Home to Away (& vice versa).
I have an Automation called “everyone leaves” that relies on both phones being away from the premises, with a geofence radius of about 600 metres, before Home switches to Away.
And a “someone arrives” automation that will switch back to Home, when one of the two iPhones returns.
The latter works perfectly every time, but the “everyone leaves” is very flakey. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Which means we have to manually run the automation from the app.
Any suggestions why this happens.
And how can I see the status of the two phones? In the classic app, it was easy to do, but in this one (Version 1.6.68-523), I don’t know where it is. Even though the app clearly states it is possible on this screen.

If I could see the status of both phones, I could maybe determine if one of them wasn’t being recognised as being outside the geofence radius.

Best method to achieve this may be to create an automation for each user to send a notification when they depart. Slightly annoying but if it is only temporary then it could be a viable option.

As for problems with multiple family members… many users have issues with their automations working properly with departing/returning. You may want to post a screenshot of your automation to let others check it. Be sure to black out any data on it that you don’t want to be seen before posting it.

Others may have better thoughts on how to handle this.

Thanks, but I wouldn’t know where to even start to make an automation about people leaving.
Why can’t I see the status of phones on the app, because the app clearly tells me I can (see photo). I just don’t know where that information is hidden. It was very obvious in the classic version.

Sadly the question is why does the app suggest you can see the location of the phones when you can’t? I think that is relatively new wording, and particularly bad wording at that, given your phone can report presence for multiple locations and there is absolutely no reason why any of them should be your home. Mind you there isn’t any reason why a phone or other device should be associated with just one person either so the whole concept is rather flawed.

For some reason, for which I don’t think an explanation has ever been offered and which has defied the community’s powers of speculation, the mobile presence devices are hidden from the app and only feature as the Member Location condition in Automations.

It has been like that for a long time now. It is a real head scratcher.

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Thank you for such an excellent reply and explanation.
I guess we’ll just have to continue doing what we’re doing now, if we both are away from the premises. That is, checking for a notification on the phone that “everyone leaves” (set to Away) has been actuated; and if not, manually performing it via a Favourite on the app.
Not very smart, for a SmartThings smart home application.

I only enable mobile presence because it is there and I couldn’t bear not to. It is actually very reliable for me, but for me it has limited practical use other than as a ‘belt and braces’ extra check. For my home Location ‘present’ just means I was nearby relatively recently. Even at the minimum 150m radius a change from ‘not present’ to ‘present’ does not mean I am arriving , even if I am I can be several minutes away, and it certainly doesn’t mean my home is in sight. In the worst case I could actually be about an hour away from home.

It is there though. Like many in the community I choose to mirror the status onto a device that I can see in the app. I do this using a virtual presence device and the Rules API, though generally virtual/simulated switches can be more convenient to use. Alternative methods include Smart Lighting and webCoRE, where you work with the mobile presence device itself, and easiest of all is Automations where you have to use the Member Location abstraction.

More often that not I only take any notice of mobile presence if I am looking at an ActionTiles dashboard, as again the mobile presence can be used directly on that. Even then it is most useful when I know it is displaying the wrong thing as that suggests ActionTiles has got stuck.

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