How do you automate a Keurig 2.0 k200

I have a tp-link smart plug and a Keurig 2.0 k200 how would I go about automating it so that automatically turns on and bruise a cup of coffee? Since my WeMo coffee maker took a dump this morning and will not brew coffee or Brew hot water. Your help in this matter would be appreciated

You can’t do it with just a smart plug, that’s the same thing as just unplugging it and plugging it back in. It would come back on power, but it would be in standby mode until you push the brew button.

Instead, you could add a “robot finger“ just to push that button. This is a pretty popular use case. The SwitchBot model does have a manufacturer-provided smartthings integration, but you will also need to Switchbot minihub to make that work.

I like these devices and use them in my own home. I have one on a mini blender to push the blender start button and another on the DVD player to push the eject button. They look a little odd but they work fine. The cost is typically about $30 for each button and about $40 for the mini hub, although they often go on sale for a few dollars less.



I also bought a Hamilton Beach Alex enable coffee maker to replace my WeMo.

[Hamilton Beach 49350 Programmable Smart Coffee Maker - Black 40094493500 | eBay](https://Hamilton Beach Alex enable coffee maker

OK, that one has a button you have to push each time you want to use it. After that, you can issue an Alexa voice command or an Alexa timed routine To have it start brewing. That may be all you need. People typically set it up at night, push the ready to brew button so it’s ready, and then have it start on a schedule in the morning or from a voice command.

So it is automated, but it’s not hands-free if that makes a difference. (I myself am quadriparetic with very limited hand function, so it makes a big difference, which is why I use SwitchBot to push buttons, but for many people just pushing one button when you put in the coffee and your mug at night is fine.)

If you want to be able to start it from a smartthings routine, you can, but you will have to use an Alexa routine as an intermediary. And you’ll still have to physically push the “ready to brew “ button each time.

See the community FAQ if you need the instructions for how to do that.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Once I get it in I will double check that I have to post the room button every time.

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Since you also have to physically put in the coffee pod each time, it may not be that big of a deal that you have to press the “ready to brew” button. You can wait hours or even until the next morning before you actually start the machine by voice or routine. But I did just want to mention it since some people do have trouble with buttons.

What would you recommend I replace my Belkin WeMo coffee pot with them I would like one that’s fully automated. As far as on and off in Brew be able to set a timer and reheat coffee if needed and also be Wi-Fi compatible. Could I make my new Amazon pot coffee pot do this with something like webcore or something else.

Using a Smartthings (ST) virtual switch with an integral contact sensor you should be able to set up ST to start and stop any coffee maker that works with Alexa. Search the Amazon app for Alexa Coffee Makers.

You would need an Alexa routine to start the coffee maker when the ST virtual switch turns on, and a 2nd Alexa routine to turn it off when the ST virtual switch turns off.

@ygerlovin virtual edge switches would work very well for this application.

The problem is that many of the “works with Alexa” coffeemakers still require that you physically press a button each time you make coffee. That’s why many people use a SwitchBot with a “smart” coffeemaker to make it hands free.

So you still have to research each model to see what you can really do.

Just as a practical example, I’m quadriparetic. I can put a pot under the coffeemaker, but I can’t push a button.