How do the Light Switches Work?

I am getting ready to start installing a smartthings hub, along with some room light switches. Will all zwave light switches work with every type of household light? In my current X10 set up, you cant use a light switch to control florescent lights or leds. You have to have a relay switch. so there was basically two types of switches, one for regular bulbs and one for florescent and led. Next if a room had a two light switches, when you bought the switches, you had to get a slave and a master.

Right now I have some regular bulbs, but I want to go total LED over the next year. If I purchase a switch, I want it to work with led. Here are some questions:

Will a dimmable switch be able to turn on a floresent light if I just put it at full or do I have to get some type of relay switch?

What type of switches to you get for 3-way applications where a room has two light switches controlling the same lights?

Is there a price difference between non dimmable and dimmable zwave light switches

Is there a certain mfr of light switches I should stay with or stay away from?

Thanks for any advice

No, Some dimmers will not do LED’s, and even the ones that state they will dim leds may have issues with some leds.

The on/off switches should be pretty much universal.

Too many variables ymmv.

You would have to check the packaging of whatever switch you are thinking about.

Most brands have an Auxiliary switch you will need to get one of these of the Same brand, Some of the brands can only do 3 way and not 4 or 5 way.

Depends on brand, They are usually pretty close in price in the same brand, but can be about $5-10 different.

This is all personal preference. I prefer to keep my led lights all blue, so in my setup I have mostly GE switches and a Aspire dimmers(I had better luck with these than the GE ones)