How do i stream music? (Control Spotify on Soundbar via Alexa)

my mission is to say ‘alexa play playlist’

and a spotify playlist plays through my samsung soundbar

i have:

ST hub
harmony hub
echo (on its way)

i dont want o just play through echo as its a bit of a waste of my soundbar

come on people… we can figure this out!

@karl_harris Karl which Echo do you have? I have an original one plus a Dot. The dot is better than the original version in that it has both a 3.5mm jack and it will connect via bluetooth to a speaker. In my flat in Spain I say “Alex play favourites” and my playlist plays over my LG H7 speaker.

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I use both.

The Echo has pretty good sound from it and end up using that quite a bit. Doesn’t over fill the room with sound, like the soundbar does.

I use my Vizio sound bar with smartcast and control it from my phone.

RIght now I don’t think you can trigger a playlist from Echo to play on another device.

I am a vinyl fan - no ST integration there I am afraid - but the sound quality from the Amazon Echo is pretty good and I can live with it for background noise.

@JDRoberts I think Amazon may have under estimated the popularity of the Dot. Apart from the fact it was cheaper, the ability to pump your audio over to a better quality speaker made it a no brainer for many people.