How do I put my hub in exclusion mode?

How do I put my hub in exclusion mode?

In the mobile app go to hub tile, open > 3 dots in upper right > Z-Wave utilities > Z-Wave exclusion.

Thanks for your speedy response. When I click on the 3 dots, my choices are: Edit, Driver, Settings, Information. Under Settings, I see an option for Z-Wave Exclusion. When I select this option,
I can select “How To Delete” which gives me a list of devices. When I select the device that I want to delete, I get the following screen:

When I follow the manufactures instructions for deleting the device, “Press the Button Marked A one time”, then back out of the instructions, this is what U see next:

I have gone through the steps several times, but have not been able to successfully delete the device.

What am I doing wrong?

Two things:

  1. I would search online for the locks manual to see what they recommend for exclusion.

  2. I would continue pushing the button until you get a pop up that say 1 item deleted.

Or 3, factory reset the device and if it still showing in the app, use the API Browser+ to delete it from the cloud and app.

You’ve described what You see when you click on the three dots on the device tile for the lock.

If you go back to @Paul_Oliver ’s post, you’ll see he said to choose the three dots on the “hub tile“, that is, to find the hub as a device and start from there. That’s where the “Z wave utilities“ option is because those are hub utilities.

So start from the hub and that’s how you put the “hub into exclusion mode.“

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Thanks for jumping in, JD. I am clicking the 3 dots from the hub tile. The screen responses are not very intuitive as to letting me know if I’m in the right place and doing the right thing.

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I have made some progress this morning! After following the steps for exclusion, and backing up one screen, and waiting for the circling dots on the screen to stop circling, I got a message on-screen that said the device had been successfully removed.

Now when I view my devices on the “All Devices” page, the device that I am trying to get rid of is still there, but has a “Status Unknown” label on it.

I tried just deleting it from the device tile, but got this message:

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try removing it using the API Browser+ mentioned above

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Well…That was easy.

So, my question was “How do I put my hub in exclusion mode?” What I really was trying to do was to delete a Kwikset deadbolt from my devices. The options available from Samsung did not work even though I had several kind contributors on this forum try to help me get rid of it. The solution was to use the API Browser+ (see the link higher in this thread) and I was able to rip that sucker right off of my device list! I have several other dead devices on my system that I can’t wait to remove.