How do I make a simple automation to run a device for 10 minutes in the new app?

This new app is NOT intuitive. I want a quick way to create a few timers for a device. I’d like single click style choice for running a pump for 10 minutes. I might make a few instantiations of 7,8,9,10 minute versions. Obviously I can write a webCore piston, but I don’t see how to easily expose that in the new app GUI?

I guess I could put http launch icons on my phone home page that run webCore pistons…but this completely bypasses the new app too.

When you add the action to turn on there is another menu option for “auto turn off”. Choose that.


Possibly you could use power allowance?

Ok, where do I set this up? The automation I found is based off an “IF”…But I don’t have an “event” for the “IF”…I want to start the timer when I click a button to run the pump for 7,8,9, or 10 minutes…

click what button? is it a physical button on the pump or a button on a remote you have connected to smartthings?

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Just use a simulated switch and have that switch coming on be one of the conditions for your piston. Then turning the switch on will run the piston.

If you put the simulated switch in a smartthings scene, you can also make it a widget.

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

Automations have a couple of useful actions that you could use:

  1. The action to turn off a switch has the option to add a delay. So you can specify a delay of ten minutes. I use this to automatically turn off fans. The if condition in my case is the fan switch being turned on.

  2. The action to turn on a switch has an ‘auto-off’ option. So you can specify it is automatically turned off after ten minutes. In that case you’d need an extra element to provide the if condition, which could be a virtual switch being turned on or the press of a momentary button.

If you like the idea of something easier to press than the action icon on a tile, or having to open the details page of a pump switch, then you can use a scene to turn on a switch or activate a momentary push.