How do I integrate my Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener to my SmartThings v2 Hub?

How do I integrate my Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener to my SmartThings v2 Hub?

I found the other post regarding the MyQ setup, but it not dumbed down enough for me. Can someone provide me the steps for Craftsman garage door opener?



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The Craftsman AssureLink is already MyQ enabled. You will need to purchase an internet gateway. There are branded ones like this one but II’m 99% sure you can use you can use any of the Chamberlain or Liftmaster gateways. This is the one I have and it says it supports Craftsman Link.

Connect the AssureLink gateway to your home network router.
Create an account at: There is a standard website and a mobile version, so you can do this from your PC or from your smart phone.
Register your AssureLink internet gateway using the serial number on the bottom of the device.
Add an AssureLink device to the account. You can control up to 16 AssureLink devices from garage door openers to light and lamp plug modules.
Download an app to your iPhone from iTunes or your Android device from Android Market.

To Add to Smartthings.

Follow these Instructions

Need help with installing the ST app, go here…


I use this device type and it works great with my Craftsman. As long as you using the updated one, it is great.

It took me a bit to figure out step 4, but I finally understood. It’s not as easy find as mentioned. And likely going to be a issue for other so I wanted to post more detail.

  1. Click on the Marketplace Icon at the bottom right. Then Select the SmartApps tab at the top, and finally you will see + My Apps section mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps others and it worked for me thanks to the community here. Appreciate you reply Ptbradford and thrash99er.

Looks like Smarthings disabled MyQ support for Chamberlain smart controls. You can no longer link your Smarthub to Craftman Assurelink.

Saw the latest post and wanted to see if this still holds true

As of last week yes.

Craftsman’s Garage Door app (thru Assurelink) has stopped sending notifications. Google Play Store is inundated with negative reviews lately on this with no answers… The help email box is no longer monitored.

I called Assurelink, got transferred to Craftsman, who transferred me to Chamberlain. They are in fact asking all customers to move over from Assurelink to the MyQ app. You need to write down your Craftsman Hub serial number (10 digits without the leading letters), delete that device out of the Craftsman Assurelink app, sign up/sign into the MyQ app, then follow the steps to add the Craftsman Hub and link the garage door opener to that app instead.

Would have been nice, with Craftsman having all our email addresses, if they would have shot us a notice to move over before just shutting down features; but what are you gonna do…

If there’s elsewhere this should be posted to help, please do, or let me know.

Thanks for the info Danny, I was having issue with assurelink notifications just like everyone else . Helped out a great but I’d add that it does work/delete the hub from the app. I spent 30 minutes trying then I stumbled upon the website
And it’s a breeze to delete from there.

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“Does not work “ from the app. In my experience

The other day I updated my Assurelink app. I’ve never had notification problems with it, but I have always wanted it to play well with my ST hub so I can automate it. Well the update noted “We will soon be moving to the myQ app. Stay tuned for more details!” along with bug fixes, etc. Does anyone know what this means more specifically? Do I need to do the move as noted above or just wait and they may do it for me?