Craftsman Assurlink integration?

(Mike) #1

Hi there,

Is there anyway to integrate with Craftsman Assurelink garage door opener? If so, how?

(Morgan) #2

There is no integration for it currently. But I’ve been looking at the Assurelink mobile page, and I think I can build a Device Type for it. I have looked at it and it is returning JSON which I should be able to get to work in ST.

It will be a little while, I’ve looked at the data I just need to build the device type and get a little better with Groovy. I think it is possible though.

(Mike) #3

That would be really cool!

(Mike) #4

I discovered that Craftsman Garage products is at it’s heart, just a rebranded version of Chamberlain products. Just wondering if that changes anything in terms of integration with Smartthings.

(Brooks Balogh) #5

Craftsman Assurelink is indeed a rebranded Chamberling/Liftmaster MyQ system. This device type: will work for Craftsman Assurelink. There are a couple things you have to change though, just read the thread. I’ve had this working perfectly with my Craftsman Assurelink for a few weeks now.

(Mike) #6

Awesome! Thanks for coming back with this! Great tip!