How do I find and attach the Smartthings log file from my Samsung device when submitting a report


I’ve probably had 10 emails back and forth with Smartthings support. To summarize the issue, my dishwasher disconnected from Smarththings a few months ago, and will not reconnect to Smartthings. I’ve tried everything…cleared the dishwasher memory, cut the power from the electrical panel, removed all near-by wifi devices, and tried reconnecting on 2 iphones and 2 Androids (Samsung), and the dishwasher will still not connect. I reached out to Smartthings support. They sent back instructions on how to submit a report which I did. They said that the reports are not coming through and asked me to attach the log file. This is where it breaks down - I cannot find the log file on my device and have asked several times for instructions on how to locate the file. When I use Samsung ‘My Files’, I cannot locate a Smartthings folder. I’m essentially stuck on step 4 below. Does anyone know how do find this file? I’m not getting an answer from the Smartthings rep that is emailing me (Rakesh).

Here are the steps on how to send App logs:

  1. On the Home screen tap on Menu > Contact us.
  2. Tap “Report a problem”
  3. Accept the permissions for creating a log file
  4. In the Attachments section please attach the latest log file from the SmartThings folder on your device within the file manager.
  5. Tap on “Submit” (You can find the SmartThings folder in your phone’s file manager app)


In ‘My Files’ there should be a Downloads category. That is where the SmartThings folder should have been created.

Thanks. This is the same info I was told earlier. But when I go to ‘My Files’, then go the ‘Downloads’ section, I don’t see the file. In that section, it show’s files from ‘This week’ (which technically should be the place where it is stored), ‘This Month’, and ‘Earlier’, and there is nothing in there related to Smartthings. I even did a search in this folder on ‘Smart’ and ‘Smartthings’ and it comes up with ‘No Results Found’.

If I try this on an iPhone, any idea on where to locate the file on an iPhone?

Any other suggestions? If the Smarthings app shows that a report and system files is being sent through the ‘contact us’ method, I don’t understand why I am still being asked to attach the file and send it to them. This is super frustrating dealing with Samsung.

Just tried on my Android S10 and it all worked fine, infact too fine, they now have a log file for no reason lol

When a log file is created it should be as a bin file .BIN

Whats more concerning is that you cannot find the Smartthings folder

Internal storage > Downloads > Smartthings