How come this automation isn’t working?

Why didn’t these plugs turn on at 8:54 PM? My wife and I were both home.

What kind of phone do you have? If it’s android, make sure the Samsung app isn’t in a sleep/power saving list if you want to work as a presence sensor. The presence detection can be flaky too.

Routines are triggered by events. Those events are things that would affect whether conditions are true or false. So in your case the events would be changes to the presence reported by your devices. No such event happened at 8:54pm.

The time period is implemented as a precondition. A precondition is something that you also require to be true when events of interest occur, but isn’t itself of interest.

So if you are want something to happen at 8:54pm you will have to define that as a separate Routine.


Alright thanks. I’m going to miss WebCoRE.

I’m going to do this:

Probably the best way to have this work when your all home is using location mode ( home ) also as a pre condition along with your time range.
I think?