How can I set a switch based on rain forecast?

I’ve done what I thought would be the hard part of integrating my irrigation system to SmartThings (by wiring a 5V relay connected via Konnected) so that I now have a switch called “Irrigation System Enable”. My intention is to enable the irrigation system if and only if rain is not forecast for today.

How can I achieve that condition? I see many posts about doing it in WebCoRE but I’d prefer to avoid that. I think I can do it with IFTTT but would rather see a solution based on an existing SmartApp … that’s why I’m here. I do have Accuweather Connected, but don’t see a way to conditionalize a switch.

The irrigation system already knows when the ground is wet, but I want to suppress watering if it is likely going to rain today anyway.

IFTTT or webCoRE… hmmm which would I choose? WebCORE has my vote!!! :slight_smile:

Well, yeah. I understand the enthusiasm, but I’m likely to jump to Hubitat in the future so don’t want to invest too much time in learning webCoRE. For now, just an easy fix using some SmartApp (or maybe a suggestion that I clone an existing one).

WebCoRE works with hubitat


Well, after looking at IFTTT for a few days, I’m not finding a reliable way to conditionalize weather. Weather Underground only shows triggers for tomorrow’s forecast (not today’s) calling for four conditions that are not mutually exclusive. Today’s forecast for tomorrow triggers both rain and cloudy (and cloudy doesn’t necessarily mean rain or not rain).

Are there really no SmartApps that can trigger either “There is a good chance of rain today” or not?