Outlet connected home automated watering system?

I have an automated watering system that has a pump connected to an electrically outlet. For instance, if the power is shut off, the pump closes and doesn’t allow water to run through it. When the the power is on, the pump opens and allows water to flow through.

I purchased the GE outdoor z-wave outlet which allows me to water the flowers during specific times of the day but I have a problem. I would like to somehow connect it via weather reports. i.e., if it’s supposed to rain today, the water won’t turn on. Make sense?

If anyone has a suggestion I’m all ears!

Have you looked into CoRe. It may be able to handle rules like this, not sure if “rain today” is an option

There are a couple of smartApps that alert on raining, that you could edit to turn on a virtual switch.

You could also use IFTT weather to set a virtual switch in ST. Then CoRe to check the state of it before turning on watering.

Do you have a link for CoRe?

My only problem is I know nothing about coding so I’d have no idea how to edit that item you sent me to do what I need.

Then I would stick with IFTT and a virtual switch. Its probably easier to set up and can be leveraged by CoRe better.

Here is coRe: [OBSOLETE] [BETA MILESTONE 1] CoRE (Community's own Rules Engine)

link to create a virtual switch (I think this is still valid): FAQ: Creating a virtual Device