How can I publish to the SmartApp Catalog?

I have noticed here on the forums that many developers with a [RELEASE] require users to copy the source code into their IDE in order to install the automation/smartApp. Is there any way that we, as a business, can have our smartApp available to the public without copying the code? That is, how do we publish the smartApp so it shows up under “All SmartApps” within the smartApps android/iPhone app?

Maybe @jody.albritton can point you in to right (new) direction, as IDE is going away


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Welcome to the SmartThings Community @Daniel_Berkowitz!
Up to now, there’s no option to publish custom SmartApps in the catalog. This includes the Groovy SmartApps and those that use the SmartApp SDK.
However, if you belong to an organization in the SmartThings platform, you could try the OAuth Integration:

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Hi @nayelyz,
Thank you for your response! We will definitely be using OAuth integration. Great suggestion.

Our organization noticed that some custom smartApps were in the catalog like “CO2 vent” by Brian Steere are in the catalog. Are there any plans for publishing to a smartApp catalog for the future?

Stay tuned for the newsletter and the Announcements, when a new feature becomes available it is published there.