How can I make my own wireless speakers

(Josh) #1

I currently have the 7 satellite speakers left over from my old Creative Labs Gigaworks S750 Surround sound system. the Amp on the subwoofer blows fuses like its getting paid to do so, but I want to re-purpose the speakers in to some wireless speakers that I could maybe one day get working with ST.

I imagine I would need a Pi or Shield for each speaker, but aside from that, I am not sure where to begin.

Has anyone attempted this (I cant be the first person with old speakers laying around who doesnt want to pay for something like Sonos).

(Matt) #2

You could do it with a pi and the vlc Smart App

(sd ) #3

Yes… As @mattjfrank mentioned, you can use a Pi and update it with this

You can use @geko VLC Thing Smartapp

(Michel Labelle) #4

If you are not quite the DYI type, I’d also recommend a new product by Beep. I’ve just put 3 in, and I’m pretty impressed with the system so far.

Basically an AirPlay/ChromeCast equivalent product that uses a very simple dial interface to play music across multiple speaker/zones. A cheaper Sonos whole home audio solution. Can’t compare 100% but it works.

As an FYI I haven’t played with the Android interface yet which is supposedly more developed, but on iDevices it works well. There is a limited HTTP interface as well for direct streaming and the product currently works with Pandora and Spotify as a direct streaming source.

I have the android source code and will be seeing if I can modify the current Sonos device type to work with these as well. No promises in that regard.

Regardless. Take a look here for more info

(Josh) #5

Ooo, those seem cool. I ordered one, but its on back order until march. Will have to play the waiting game i guess. Thanks for the info.

(Ule) #6

You can use any dlna adapter like WF-RADU and use the smartapp RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)