How can I get Smartthings to tell Alexa to turn on my water heater?

So I have a Rinnai RUR98eN water heater that has a built in recirculation pump. I’m about to purchase the web control (Control-R Wi-Fi) for the water heater. The web control for the water heater has no Smartthings integration.

So I can control the pump by talking to Alexa. I really need to create a Smartthings Routine that can somehow communicate with Alexa enabling me to use timers, motion sensors, thermostats, etc. to control the recirculation pump.

This would save me a good bit of money (vs the pump powered on continuously) and it’s much better for the environment.

Anyone know how to accomplish setting up a routine to control Alexa? Or another way to power on or off the Rinnai web control?

Thanks for your time!

It looks like there is no cloud or api component for this, if you are up for sniffing the packets between the iOS/android app and the WiFi module you might be able to create your own device handler for this… depending on how the 2 communicate with each other.

As long as the water heater can be included in an Alexa routine ( not a smartthings routine) , there is now a very easy way to trigger it from SmartThings using a virtual contact sensor.

If it cannot be included in an Amazon routine, then you have to use the old hacking method of setting up a separate device, typically a cheap android tablet, to speak the commands for you.

See the FAQ. If your device can be included in an Amazon routine, then use the link in the FAQ to the thread that discusses how to do that. If it cannot, then read the rest of the FAQ. ( this is a clickable link)


I would say @JDRoberts method with the virtual contact sensor would be your best bet. The only other way I could think of would be IFTTT. There is no direct WiFi between SmartThings and anything WiFi with the exception, I think, of Phillips Hue.

There is now a ST integration for Rinnai Water Heaters in the new ST app.

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