How can I do this: dog sets off alarms at night

I want to use ST for security. I’ve got the smart security working with the things that came with the starter kit fine. I’ve added the “good night” routine to auto come on at night.

However, although it works fine, giving me iOS notifications and texts through the night if detects something, we have a dog who likes to get up, wake us up for a wee during the night sometimes! If this happens then my iPhone goes mad with notifications and texts!!!

So what do people do for this situation? Is there anything I can do, I can’t think of anything to be honest, but there must be similar situations that others have?


you need to not have the motion detectors on during the night or when the dog is home. or you can try adjusting the placement of the sensor

What motion sensors do you have?

The smartthings one detect a mouse moving. No way to adjust them.

You will need Ecolink sensors mounted properly, 6-8 feet off the ground with the Pet adjustment set for your size animal to avoid false alerts. I am sure there are many other such sensors, eco links are the ones I have had luck with.

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I understand about the motion sensors, I could not use them for the security, but I would want to use them, when I’m not home, how would I handle that?

Also the trouble is the back door has a multi sensor on, and if the dog has to go then this sensor is opened! Difficult situation I know, but wondered what others may have done.


You need to provide more information about your setup and exactly what sensors are tripping and what is causing them to trip.

At the moment I have a multi sensor on the back door and a motion sensor watching the front door. I’m planning on getting more multi sensors, to add to the front door and front and back window.

What sensor is tripping and what is causing it?

You’re offering so little details, not sure how anyone can help.

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Sorry if I haven’t been clear. The sensor is tripping as I’m walking past the motion sensor, and then opening the door of the multi sensor on when I let the dog out during the time that the smart security is enabled. If so then my iPhone gets texts etc, “false” alarms as it’s me, not a burglar!

Basically I’d need to mask somehow maybe I’d I let the dog out, if possible

The sensors don’t know it is you walking past the motion or opening the door.

If you are using Smart Home Monitor and it is armed Stay, it will look at the sensors you have configured and if they trip it will alarm. You need to disarm before opening the door with SHM, period. Unless you exlcude that door contact sensor - but then anyone could open it and it will trip. Generally folks exclude all interior motion sensors for STAY armed alarm modes.

That being said you can get pretty complex and setup something to work automatically using Rule Machine or another rule engine. Such as - instead of Smart Home Monitor armed at night/stay. You create a rule that monitors contact door sensors and motion sensors at night and alarms when they are tripped, but you can have it exclude a certain sequence - such as motion in bedroom, then motion in hall way, followed by this door sensor opening is ignored. It would be super complex.

Not sure what behavior you were expecting with the setup.

We just have a routine that disables SHM and have it added to the iOS widget pull down so it’s quick to get to. You could also buy one of the iris pushbuttons and keep it near the bedroom door and link it to trigger said routine.

I understand that the sensors don’t specifically know it’s me, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar situation and what they did.

To use a shortcut to switch it off is ok for me, but not off it’s the wife’s turn! She hasn’t a clue on stuff like this so that’s out.

An idea maybe is put a motion sensor at the top of the stairs, exclude this from the smart security monitor, and then somehow if this is detected disable the monitor if it’s between certain times? Then maybe enable again somehow? Can this be done? How?


I’ve currently got nearly this exact scenario running in my house. All the bedrooms are upstairs, and so I have a motion detector in the upstairs hallway. Using Rule Machine, if this detector trips during “Night” mode, it kicks the house into “Night Disarm” (disarms house, turns on certain lights). Then I have a second rule that if all motion detectors go quiet for a set time while in “Night Disarm” the house kicks back into “Night” mode.

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You could use either a motion sensor upstairs or door sensor on your bedroom door. A regular routine can disarm SHM between X hours when things happen (using the motion sensor). Then have another routine for arming SHM when things quiet down between X hours. Doesn’t look like there is a time range option for the door sensor, so that would have to use Rule Machine, but i don’t think Rule Machine integrates with SHM.

SHM mode changes can be both a trigger and an action in Rule Machine.

oh cool! i must have an old version installed. Off to update…

Yeah I think it was only a version or two ago that it was added!

Knew someone would! Thanks…

So sorry for noob questions, what is rule machine? I’m new to ST and I’m finding it more complicated than I imagined it was.

No worries! That’s what this forum is for. Rule Machine is a SmartApp created by one of the members/developers on here

Ah ha ok sorry…
I actually have that in the smart apps>my apps section. But someone said there is a newer version, how do I check my version please.

If there is a newer one, do I just copy and paste the code again on my computer.

@jdawson can I ask your rules/triggers etc specifically please for this to help me. I’m happy to order a new motion trigger to assist.


@R2D2 Yes, just overwrite the old codes with new one to update. Publish the Rule Machine code and save the Rule code.