Turn off after specific duration of inactivity on motion sensor?


I’d like to switch off my bedroom lights when there’s no activity for some time.
Is there any way to adjust duration for ST motion sensors ?

If not, is it possible to start an action after some delay ?

have a look at zone motion manager…


Yes, it is possible. I am using the “Smart Lighting” from marketplace.

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How do you do it with “smart lighting” ?
I don’t want a “no motion” trigger. I need to check every X minutes and get motion status, then turn off light if there is no motion.
So “motion trigger” does not help me. Which trigger should I use ?
Is it the “power allowance” trigger ?

Where can I find “zone motion manager” ?
I found “lighting director” in lights&switches which might do this, but I’d like to see other alternatives.

its not published by ST…