How can I announce completion of wash/dry cycles thru Google Home?

Here is what I’m looking to achieve - once vibration from washer/dryer stops after a set amount of minutes, announce over Google Home that washer/dryer has stopped. Right now I know how to trigger Google Home TTS with IFTTT and Home Assistant but I don’t know how to set up the first part where it detects movement and for it to make the call to IFTTT after movement has stopped after 30 minutes or whatever.

I have two multipurpose sensors on order so I’m looking to set this up soon.

I see there is a washing machine smartapp but I dont’ think it allows for triggering IFTTT.

Thanks for any help.

From first read I myself would have it set up in a CoRE piston so that when the sensors stops sensing vibration for a certain amount of time to then turn on a virtual switch. The switch can then be used to trigger IFTTT events.


Dunno if this helps, as I don’t have google home. But I do have a cheap android tablet as a smarthome control unit, and it is running Tasker. Using AutoNotification, I simply have the SmartThings laundry app send a notification to my google voice number. It gets intercepted by Tasker, which then reads aloud “Laundry wash cycle has been completed”. That message could easily be read aloud thru any Bluetooth speaker you want.

Oh, and I have ST flash a number of lights around the house too when the cycle is complete.

Anyway, I think google home also does not accept push notifications. And it does not receive Bluetooth (yet). But you can cast to it. So some combo of an android tablet, Tasker, AutoNotifications, and AutoCast should be able to approximate what I stated above.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I got it to work using momentary switches linked to IFTTT which casts to google home.

Can you please describe how you attached the momentary switches to the washer and dryer?