House Window Lighting (sill / frame)?

I’m looking for advice or suggestions for adding lighting to my house windows, ideally it would be around the frame or sill so I can keep the blinds down but give the appearance that someone is home.

The perfect product would be RGBW, controlled by either Zigbee or Zwave, low profile and not cost a ton of $$$ since I have eleven windows in the front of the house.


Two questions:

One) why do you need RGBW for this? Do you want some of the lights to be purple some of the time? Because plain white lighting is always less expensive. And it tends to look more like someone is home, unless you live in a fraternity house.

Two) why not just automate the regular in room lighting with table lamps or ceiling fixtures? Most homes don’t have sill lighting, so I don’t think it’s going to look to a potential burglar like someone is home. It’s just going to look like some fancy kind of decorative lighting.


Definitely not a frat house, warm white would be totally fine, I was just thinking it would be kind of fun for Halloween and Christmas.

I do have some automated lights but adding more would requires me to leave more blinds open then I would like and its really not feasible to add ceiling fixtures everywhere.

And whats wrong with decorative lighting?

Nothing wrong with decorative lighting, it’s just that you said your goal was to make it look like somebody was home. For decorative lighting, I think sill lights are great. :sunglasses:

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