$46 Sylvania Lightify Starter Kit with Gateway, 2 LED BR30 Bulbs & 1 LED A19 Bulb

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Just an FWIW here, if you have a SmartThings hub you don’t need the lightify gateway. Although, for just the bulbs not a bad price… It should be noted these are the RGBW models…

I was wondering what that meant. I mean, I know Red, Green, Blue, White…

But what is the difference between that and just RGB?

RGB by definition is simply red, green, blue, no white. However I think marketing terms wise, most RGB bulbs will do RGBW.

Having said that, I have DMX lighting I use for my band that is RGB that does not do white, and I have RGBW, so I have to be careful setting up the scenes, which fixtures do what.

The RGB can do something close to white, but not a true white. The RGBW have the white LED in them, so can produce a true white.

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