Hot Fix - 09/08/16

(Tim Slagle) #1

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  • Fix Aeon Minimote not working

  • Fix issue where routines/modes would not execute from SmartApps

Sudden problem with (2) Aeon Minimotes since yesterday
(Beckwith) #3

My Minimote now works. Thanks for the quick fix!

(Stephan H.) #4

Fantastico…my motes be working again.


All mine are working now too.

(Brent R.) #6

Thanks for the quick fix!


Hey @slagle, anything funky going on with minimote stuff again? All mine stopped working again today.

Hmmm, phone app is now getting the red bar of death message “Something unexpected happened”…

(David S) #8

Alexa has gone tango uniform for me…

(John) #9
              New Incident Status: Resolved

We released an update to the platform that caused a
brief service disruption at 6:00p EDT. We have resolved the issue and
all systems are currently operational.
Sep 9, 18:12 EDT

It just so happens that I was at work 25 minutes ago and was showing someone the app… and it just starting throwing errors. Ignoring that you lost a potential customer…

Why are you making effectively untested updates on a Friday afternoon?

Dear SmartThings Staff
(John) #10

@slagle Sigh.