SmartThings after platform update 11/13

Why was there no advance notice of this? I woke up to find nothing working, and had no one scheduled who could help with resets. Not a good morning. :disappointed_relieved:


My house has been buggy all day. Motion sensors not firing, etc. I tried to delete and re-add one and now it is not recognized. Lights are triggering minutes late. Minimote delay and being ignored most presses.

My whole house is basically offline as of today.

Soooo… my v2 went down 2 days ago… and again tonight it goes inactive… it just started working right this morning! I have a LOT of money invested around this product and I’m losing faith in samsung!

Im having all sorts of issues this morning. Morning Routine (timer based lights on) did not fire, motion sensors not registering motion, open closed sensors not communicating. Basically 75% of my system is down. Very frustrating.

Moved. Off Topic.

Don’t think the platform update had any affect here, it was one change in regards to UK LIFX.

Please contact support if you continue to have any problems so we can track.

We need a way to backup all of our rules and re-import them or something. This is nonsense having to rebuild all the rules every time the platform goes a little wonky from an update or something. The purpose of automation is set and forget IMHO. Presence hasn’t worked reliably since it seems about the 13th of November. My motion rules broke. I was investing a lot in this but I’m very hesitant in going any further. Presence had been working fine but now my wife and daughter are showing present and they are clearly not even within 13 miles of home at the time of this writing.

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While probably true, and there was, indeed, a Release Notes for the UK LIFX Release (post-release); may I re-emphasize the importance of, and our desire for, PRE-release announcements with full release notes, please?

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I guess you got some pull. I just received an email about an update tomorrow and details as to what is being updated.

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Tomorrow, can you share?

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